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Our Mission

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About Us

 ECE on the Move is a group of more than 600 early childhood educators working in residential settings in New York City. Sometimes called “home-based childcare” or “family child care,” ECE on the Move prefers to use the term “early childhood educators” because it more accurately reflects the skill of the services they provide. 

ECE on the Move was founded by Gladys Jones and Doris Irizarry, two veteran educators who were tired of the lack of respect and representation they were seeing in politics and policies that affected their industry. After more than 11 years of organizing providers, they formally established ECE on the Move in 2019. Through work before and since their formal founding, they have built a thriving community of early childhood educators that support one another.

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  1. Ongoing development of tools and strategies to navigate federal, state, and local rules and regulations

  2. Professional development opportunities that raise the level of professionalism and improve the quality of care provided

  3. Grassroots organizing and advocacy around campaigns that directly impact the early childhood sector

Our Strategies

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Our Vision

ECE on the Move is working to:

  • Equip every early childhood educator in a residential setting with the knowledge, tools, and power to create and run a sustainable business

  • Raise the profile of early childhood education in residential settings so that educators get the respect and investment they deserve. 

  • Create a powerful early childhood sector that can support a modern workforce where more parents work in non-traditional 9-to-5 arrangements. 

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